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What’s Next for Dance 411, and What Exactly is 411 CARES?

CCC Member & COVID-19 Task Force Consultant: “This re-opening plan is so detailed, so well thought out.  The community will be feel much more secure in a post-pandemic world with the 411 CARES program offerings, and the overall goals of the Movement.  We are a Community… we are all a part of the 411 family.  Their survival is our survival.”

**The Basis for 411 CARES Community Initiatives**

411 CARES About Community... Like Family.

“Dance 411 Studios will open its physical location for operations when the US Government, CDC, State of Georgia, City of Atlanta, and of course ourselves as an organization feel that we are ready, and not a minute sooner,” says CCC member B. Holiday.

You will receive plenty of notice. Remember that members are family, and family comes first.  Supporting the closest members of our 411 Community, our family… is the basis behind 411 CARES.

On-Site Operations Begin in Phase 1… Date Approaching Quickly.

The beloved Dance 411 Studios reopens internally in the upcoming weeks to our during a specific period of “Phase 1”.  This will be for staff only for a long-awaited reunion (with social distancing, of course), COVID-19 training, and office work.  During this time we will still have virtual offerings and will release them to those outside of 411’s membership and family circle later on in Phase 1.

Later in Phase 1, we will begin to have on-site group classes for our current members and community supporters.

Since quarantines began in Georgia, 411 took a “members-only virtual classes” approach on an online platform and named it “Dance 411 TV”. This will soon be available to the general public. 

What does our Phase 1 plan look like?

As of now, our virtual classes are offered to monthly members (during the current “pandemic level” Phase P).  When we enter Phase 1 (immediately following Phase P)  we will slowly resume scaled on-site operations

The CCC has instructed the 411 organization to break down our Phase 1 into 3 sub-parts for re-opening. The Phases plan information will shed more light on what this means very soon via a detailed and informative “411 CARES” website. 

We are amazed that Dance 411 has strangely seen an enormous increase in worldwide followers since COVID-19 quarantines began here in Georgia… without giving any other virtual class access to the public other than on that first Sunday trail. Don’t believe us, check out our Instagram (@dance411). Pre-COVID our followers were just reaching 30k, and now we are piercing through to 36k followers, reaching an average of 10k views per post – some even over 80, 000 views (check this post). 

How the heck did that happen? Locally, we are truly humbled that our amazing community is deeply expressing care and support for us at this time. We love each and every one of you.

However, the global inquiries we are getting in from a virtual version of Dance 411 is really exciting… and we cannot wait to share our plans with you.

Great Community Appreciation Comes as a Result of 411 Corporate Responsibility.

**Purpose of the 411 CARES Initiatives Bill**

Why are we waiting so late to re-open? What is the delay?

As stated earlier, Dance 411 Studios will not re-open for on-site operations until the US Government, CDC, State of Georgia, City of Atlanta, and of course ourselves as an organization feels that we are ready. With that being said, we feel that there are certain protocols that we must reach in order to re-open our studios back to a “new normal”. 

According to the Phased Plan for Re-Opening America, in Phase 1, the government urges us to “Avoid SOCIALIZING in groups of more than 10 people in circumstances that do not readily allow for appropriate physical distancing (e.g., receptions, trade shows)”. With this in mind,  just last week, our staff did a walk-through of our facility to determine what “our Phase 1” would look like in our space.

The CCC has spent countless hours discussing our new proprietary safety procedures for our staff, including the calculation of the maximum number of students per square foot in each studio to allow for proper social distancing and further outlining other specific safe, secure, and sanitary procedures for a safe re-opening. After gathering all of this data, yesterday, the CCC voted to have a “soft opening” in the following weeks to ensure that we have covered all bases to move forward into our Phase 2 plan in the next few weeks… pending COVID-19-related public information.

We know that everyone is eager to get back into the studio and feel the energy. We get it… and we hear you, but until we can safely say that we are ready as a unified team for the influx of our community, we will not re-open our doors.  Staff and community safety is paramount now and moving forward for our organization.

Last week, CCC member R. Tuesday stated:

Returning to on-site operations too quickly would put 411’s financial needs in front of the health of our community and the rest of our world.  How could we even consider those on-site operations right now?  We just cannot risk it and will do everything in our power to get this 100% correct.”

With 411 communications becoming enhanced… where to find resources?

Now more than ever, we know that being on top of communications is the key to success in a post-pandemic business environment.  We recognize that 411’s “less-than-stellar” communication immediately following Georgia quarantines in the past has been a concern for our members, and we want you to know that we are currently working to increase our team to serve our community. 

Within the next few weeks, during our 411 Phases plan, our highly-missed staff will be returning (YAY!) and are being trained to handle the influx of your questions and concerns as they are related to our new processes and procedures.

Soon, ACTIVE MEMBERS will have a priority-level communication system directly with the 411 trained service and support team through an online portal.  Members can access details regarding their accounts and classes in an efficient fashion.  Details regarding this will be released soon. The new platform is in its final stages of development.

How can we (as members of the community) help with the 411 CARES Movement?

The CCC Leadership seems to currently all agree with every section of the 411 CARES Bill and now wants to share this with our closest community members, friends, and family. We are seeking a small committee of individuals to help solidify our plans for re-opening. Our team is carefully selecting a few members, staff, and community leaders to hear from the CEO regarding “WHAT’S NEXT FOR DANCE 411”. Check your inboxes to see if you receive a special invite from our team to join an exclusive look into the BTS of 411. 

Also, once the website is launched… the community will learn of other ways of helping the 411 CARES movement:

  • Volunteering
  • Donations
  • Committees
  • Business outreach efforts for community servicing of 411 CARES network members
  • Becoming a vendor for:
    • Virtual K-12 tutoring
    • Virtual mentoring programs
    • Virtual mental health counseling
    • Virtual performing arts lessons (vocals, acting, dance, etc)

“Being low on staff during COVID-19, our communication has been, unfortunately… awful.  We have staff returning again soon (thank goodness), and have plans for dedicated  departments  for much improved  member communications.”


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