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 In Featured, Important Message To Community


CCC Member & COVID-19 Task Force Consultant: “This re-opening plan is so detailed, so well thought out.  The community will be feel much more secure in a post-pandemic world with the 411 CARES program offerings, and the overall goals of the Movement.  We are a Community… we are all a part of the 411 family.  Their survival is our survival.”

**The Basis for 411 CARES Community Initiatives**

Introducing the new 411!

Well, we’ll start with the name. Dance 411 Studios has been a staple in the Atlanta Dance Community for over 18 years now. We’ve cherished the time spent with all of the top choreographers, up and coming dance stars, and our monthly patrons just trying to catch a groove; but now it’s time for us to shift into something quite different… and it’s kind of a big deal! 

Our beloved studio is deep in preparation to open its doors once again on June 25th, 2020. For this purpose, our staff is working tirelessly to ensure that a high level of sanitation and care are standard within our facilities post-pandemic. We have already hinted at this “New Dance 411” and begun prepping our staff as well as beta group patrons for what’s to come. And upon success in our current trials, we will be excited to share this “Major News” with you!

What is new?

Going forward our studio will be members only. We have always strived to build community through dance and by being members-only we know that we can achieve this with greater success. 

Our team of staff and instructors plan to provide our members with the top-notch dance experience you’ve all come to know and love….now, t. We intend to change our membership structure to better accommodate our services as well as address the ever-changing financial needs of our members. 

To get updates and find out more about our new membership offers, everyone must sign up for a FREE CARES membership at 411cares.org. NO WORRIES, this membership is only to access loads of FREE RESOURCES and information 411 plans to provide through our CARES Initiative. When you sign up, it will simply enter you into our new membership database for 411.CARES.

The 411 on 411.CARES

411.CARES was initially formed as a resource service immediately following the beginning of the March 2020 pandemic quarantines… which shut down 411 operations… and the laying off of lots of our friends and family from work.

Oh, what it has become! Now becoming an entire community support service, it centers around the following services to help OUR CURRENT PROGRAM MEMBERS, CUSTOMERS, & OUR RETURNING EMPLOYEES… and of course, our local community. However, the info is pulled to help performing artists everywhere nationally and internationally, particularly surrounding issues related to COVID-19.

Through 411.CARES, we support our community with these initiatives:

C = Communications & Community Alerts

A = Assistance, Access & Aid

R = Resource Network (P.A.R.T.)

E = Education & Training Services (Personal & Business Safety, Virtual Arts & K-12 Tutoring/Homeschool)

S = Services with “Peace of Mind” (QC Guarantees)

To learn more about 411.CARES be sure to join us each week on Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST for our Tuesday.fresh Live! segments. During each segment, our team reviews the latest updates with our studio as well as important information affecting our community. The live show is in true 411 style, which is always a show to witness. You can join us next Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST on 411cares.org! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at customercare@411cares.org.


**Purpose of the 411 CARES Initiatives Bill**

What’s The 411 on summer programming?

Please note, in a pandemic world, all is subject to change. However, this information  below is likely to commence as indicated. To see updates on this schedule, please visit 411cares.org

Jun 8 -Jul 31:  Eight 5-day Weekly 411 Virtual Summer Camps

Jun 25:   Planned Phase 1.3 Launch  (Scaled on-site classes)

Jun 26:   Virtual Awards Banquet: 411 Youth Performance Company

Jun 28:   Onsite Auditions: Returning 411 Youth Performance Company

Jul 1 – Jul 31:   P.A.R.T. Network:  Professional Development Series

Jul. 9:    Planned Phase 1.3 Launch  (Scaled on-site classes)

Jul 16:   Planned Phase 2.1 Launch  (Scaled on-site classes)

Jul 26 – 31:   411 Summer Dance Intensives  (Int/Adv, Youth/Adult)

Aug 1-Aug 31:  P.A.R.T. Network:  Professional Development Series

Aug 6:     Planned Phase 2.3 Launch  (Scaled on-site classes)

Aug 2:   Onsite Auditions:  411 Youth Performance Company (Round 2)

Aug. 23rd – 28th:  411 Fall Dance Intensives  (Int/Adv, Youth/Adult)


As stated above, 411 has new membership offerings. These offerings will allow you to control your membership the way you want. You get to decide. Our new membership platform will provide you with the elite dance training you need wherever and whenever. What does that mean? Well, you’ll have the option to take advantage of our onsite classes and our virtual class platform. 

We’re optimizing our virtual experience, to not just be some boring Zoom class, but to be interactive and exciting. You’ll be able to purchase upgrades right through our new member portal. Want 1-on-1 interaction with your instructor? We got that. Need help tweaking your technique? We got that too. Our technique critiques (*hint, hint remember this phrase) will help any dancer wanting to improve their skills. 

Sounds like something you would be interested in? Great! Join us today. Fill out the form below to get more information on the new & exciting 411 launching very soon. Be the first to experience this newly integrated platform. 

Introducing Tuesday.fresh Live! Every Tuesday at 8:30 PM!

Tuesday.fresh Live! Began 3 weeks ago when the Co-Owner of our studio, Edward Schneider (aka Rubio.Tuesday), decided we needed to let our community into the mind of the 411 Organization. The CCC pulled together a loosely drawn up plan to discuss topics such as “What’s next for 411”, “Our 411.Phases.plan for re-opening to the public”, and “What kinds of programming should you expect”. We had no idea then that this platform would turn into something much more. 

Since then, we have been able to discuss topics that are hurting our community and have panel discussions that opened many of our network’s eyes. We plan to keep pushing the boundaries of these topics. Not just being one-sided or bias, but allowing people to speak their minds and challenge our community. 

Our talks will include information on the 411.CARES movement, resources for our community, interviews from celebrity guests, motivational messages, and more. If you would like to get involved and/or have topics you want to shed light on, please let us know by emailing cherry.drop@tuesdayfresh.live. 

Also, here are other ways to support the 411.CARES movement:

  • Volunteering
  • Donations
  • Committees
  • Business outreach efforts for community servicing of 411 CARES network members
  • Becoming a vendor for:
    • Virtual K-12 tutoring
    • Virtual mentoring programs
    • Virtual mental health counseling
    • Virtual performing arts lessons (vocals, acting, dance, etc)
  • And MORE…

If any of these items interest you, please click here to fill out a form to become a community member of the 411.CARES movement. 

411.CARES was initially formed as a resource service immediately following the beginning of the March 2020 pandemic quarantines… which shut down 411 operations… and the laying off of lots of our friends and family from work.


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