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Dance 411’s growing family may need you!

Our faced-paced, exciting and on-trend workplace is always moving. Our positive energy exudes from our colorful walls, and the love for Dance 411 is evident by the strong dedication and service-oriented nature of our diverse team members.

We come to work daily knowing that we are a family here to serve our performing arts community… and to work hard. We pride ourselves on providing an environment that allows people to share their passions with like minds within the wonderful Atlanta entertainment industry. We are passionate about the Georgia entertainment scene, performing arts, our students, our families, our members, our productions and services… and our brand.

We work hard day and night to steer a large, well-maintained ship… and bring aboard only those up to the challenge. Depending on the season, we may be hiring any combination of administrative, service or maintenance personnel; adult or youth class instructors; camp counselors; vendors; interns and work-study. If you would like to apply to become part of our family, we welcome you to apply.

APPLICANTS PLEASE NOTE: We receive many inquiries and requests to work with the World Famous Dance 411 in some capacity. Please be patient as we go through our process after your submission. We will respond if or when we are able to move forward with your application. Thank you!


  • I love the programming and being an instructor at this facility!

    Marquetta D.
  • Dance 411 has been one of the best places I’ve taught in my career as instructor! Great classes, encouraging and inspiring instructors, friendly staff and intimate yet growing community!

    Aaron G.
  • I love the atmosphere and the employees are awesome. I have never felt more comfortable.

    Christian T.

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