Is Dance 411 open?   

 Yes! Over the past few months we have been offering virtual classes exclusively for members however 411 is doing a soft reopening for members only starting on Monday, July 6th, 2020. Join our amazing membership community NOW and get exclusive access to the onsite classes you know and love…and have surely missed over the past few months! Our membership options include both virtual-only as well as onsite + virtual options. Click HERE to see our membership options & pricing.


What are Dance 411’s business hours?  

Currently, we have limited customer service staff working remotely in member support. Our limited customer service staff schedule is currently as follows

Monday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Tuesday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Wednesday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Thursday 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Due to the volume of inquiries, we will try our best to respond within 48 hours, or hopefully sooner if we are able.


How do I get in contact with someone?

Our preferred method of contact is via email. 

Concerns regarding an existing membership can be emailed to

Inquiries regarding membership sign up or program details can be emailed to

If you are a member of or are interested in becoming apart of our Youth Performance Company (YPCo) you can email your inquiry to

All other general inquiries can be emailed to 


Can I do a free trial or pay for a drop-in class?   

Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering any type of trial or demo options. All interested patrons will need to sign up for our membership in order to have access to a class. If you have questions regarding our membership or program offerings you can email 

Click HERE to sign up for membership NOW!


What is the new schedule during the current pandemic for drop-in on-site classes?  

 Our new onsite schedule is available online. Please check our online SCHEDULE daily for updates. Class offerings are subject to change. 


Where can I go to find updates regarding what’s happening with Dance 411?

The 411 Blog 


Are there any youth program classes online?

YES!  Dance 411 is now offering online virtual classes through Dance 411 TV for current members only at this time and will launch classes soon for new members.  For more information, please visit our MEMBER CLASS OFFERING page. 


How will my membership be affected?

We are currently providing our members with exclusive access to our online and onsite classes. Onsite classes will resume in a limited capacity from Monday, July 6th – August 12th

During this time anyone who has an active membership will be able to have access to both our online and onsite classes (with no change in their rate). Individuals who may have purchased a beta Virtual Membership over the past 30-60 days will be eligible to upgrade their membership in order to gain access to onsite classes.

Starting Aug. 13th, we will begin our new Fall programming which will consist of additional offerings, classes, new features, and a change in our membership structure. Members who remain with us throughout these next 6 weeks will be given the information regarding our upcoming changes and have the opportunity to rejoin at their choice. We highly look forward to what is to come for 411 in the Fall and are taking these next 6 weeks behind the scenes to make sure that we get it right for our members!     Any further questions or concerns regarding an existing or recently canceled Dance 411 membership can be emailed to We will try our best to answer within 48 hours due to limited staff handling a large volume of inquiries. 


Are we still offering private lessons?

Members will be able to book virtual private lessons at a discounted rate. We are in the process of offering virtual private lessons, which will be awesome!  If you are interested in a private lesson with one of our instructors please email 


How will patrons be protected with the social distancing requirements?

 Our facility includes 9 spacious dance studios to allow for proper physical distancing. We have spent countless hours crafting our 411 Preventative Practices & Procedures (PPP) regarding safety and sanitation. Some of those details include the following:

  • Class caps that allow for proper physical distancing in class.
  • Strategic scheduling that allows for detailed cleaning in between classes.
  • Mandatory temperature screenings prior to entry to the facility (staff included).

To check out our full 411 PPP plan visit us at


Will we be doing online classes?

ABSOLUTELY!  Dance 411 is now offering online virtual classes through Dance 411 TV, currently for MEMBERS ONLY. 

If you are a member, please visit our COVID-19 Dance 411 Member Offerings pages.  If not, be sure to visit to fill out an inquiry form on how to become a member.


How many students are allowed in our online virtual platform class?

Dance 411 is now offering online virtual classes through Dance 411 TV currently for MEMBERS ONLY.  When we release classes to the public, we can hold up to 98 participants per class.   MEMBERS will receive priority admittance. Not a member? Want to become one? 



What is Dance 411 doing for Summer Camp this year? 

Yes! We know it’s important for parents to have summer activities for their children that can keep them learning. In order to accomplish this while keeping kids safe, Dance 411 Summer Camp will be going virtual for Summer 2020. More details coming soon.

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