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In the Community



Dance 411 supports Mission 4 Movement… a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in Atlanta dedicated to dance and youth in the performing arts.

Mission 4 Movement is committed to the promotion and celebration of dance, and to supporting those underserved in the arts community through mentoring, opportunities, resources and education.

To accomplish their goals, they focus on the “Core Four” principals that are essential to their mission (OPERATION M.O.V.E.):

M = Mentoring

Youth mentoring programs

O = Opportunities to Perform

Providing not just performing arts opportunities, but opportunities to showcase knowledge, career, and acquired life skills

V = Vital Resources

Underserved arts community support for vital services: Financial Support; Mental Health & Counseling; Physical Health & Wellness; Dance Wear Giving Programs (shoes, leotards, tights, costumes)

E = Education

Education and training of our performing arts community through workshops, seminars, intensives and eventually K-12 (homeschooling)


Being so heavily involved in the dance community, our founders have seen first-hand how performing arts is an impactful experience for the youth. They learn perseverance, dedication, teamwork and other qualities that cultivate achievement in all aspects of life. Aspiration alone, however, is unfortunately not sufficient enough to help people succeed in performing arts.

We need your help and support in our mission. Please consider your resources, energy, expertise or time as a volunteer or consultant in any of these needs below. Contact Mission 4 Movement if you can help help with:

  • Mentoring
  • Mental Health & Counseling
  • Education & Tutoring
  • Fundraising & Grant Writing
  • Financial Support
  • Administrative Support

Please also considering a regular (monthly) or one-time donation to our cause.

Visit Mission4Movement.org for details on making a donation, events, or to become a volunteer.

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