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Logo & Trademark Use

Logo & Trademark Use

The Dance 411 name and logo are symbols of the trusted Dance 411 brand and represent it’s visual identity in the global marketplace. Since the organization began in the year 2000, this pop-culture brand has reached iconic worldwide recognition in the dance and performing arts community, and has emerged as a clear and distinct forward-thinking leader in the arts and entertainment industry.

The Dance 411 brand is trusted by the community that it serves due to its commitment to excellence in adult and youth arts training programs; its strong reputation as a talent staffing resource for film, TV and music industries; its dedication to being a responsible community organization; and its positive reputation as a safe and secure, non-judgemental gathering place for all ages.

Both the Dance 411 name and the Dance 411 logo are registered trademarks of 411 Productions, LLC with the United States Patent & Trademark Organization. Our name and logo are both valuable, legal and intellectual assets, and unauthorized usage is prohibited.

Each and every use of the Dance 411 name and logo by any person, family, team, group, vendor or organization (no exclusions) must be approved in writing by 411 Productions, LLC after a full application has been submitted. This includes (but is not limited to) the Dance 411 name and/or logo appearing in or on:

  • Any article of clothing
  • Any headwear or footwear
  • Any bags, wearable accessory, jewelry
  • Any product or product packaging
  • Any electronic or print flyer, posting or advertisement
  • Any promotional materials
  • Any sponsorship for or with any organization
  • Any video production

At Dance 411, we take the way our brand is seen or represented in the community very, very seriously… and will protect our brand’s appearance in the marketplace at all costs. We are looking for certain criteria to be met when a request to use our registered trademark(s) has been made. Even if a use was possibly permitted at one time before, all previous permissions or allowances are now invalid and must be reapproved based on our current and evolving brand identity criteria. Any unauthorized use of the Dance 411 name or logo can result in (1) legal action against the offending party, and/or (2) removal of the offending individual(s) or organization(s) from any Dance 411 program with no refunds.

If you would like to use our name and/or logo, please click the button below and complete the trademark usage request application. Only fully submitted trademark request applications are considered. Thank you for your interest!

If your trademark usage application has already been approved, CLICK HERE »


  • They were awesome!! Glad I came and learned how to shake my tail feather.

    Farrah M.
  • Dance 411 is truly amazing with great instructors!

    Anjie E.
  • Overall amazing experience!! Instructor made me and my friends comfortable.

    Evelyn S.

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