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Dear 411 Family,

My name is Edward Schneider, co-founder of Dance 411 and 411 South Talent Agency.  Please excuse our delay in getting this important message to you. Our beloved community means the world to us and deserves better communication.  Like many businesses, COVID-19 has dealt a huge blow, but we are standing our ground and are committed to emerging even stronger. Please see below on how to contribute at the end of this message.

Although our staff is extremely limited in numbers at the moment, we are all working remotely… many of us around the clock.  We are amazed at what we have been able to set-up and accomplish during this short time for our patrons, and are excited about what Dance 411 and 411 South will be launching to our community very soon.  This is a message sent to our hundreds of thousands of patrons and followers in our active database, including professional dancers, celebrities, and music/TV and film production companies.  Look for more detailed information coming to you today tailored to your specific needs or membership program services with us… containing exciting announcements and enhanced processes regarding at-home offerings and virtual service adaptation in the current at-home environment.

Dance 411 wants to thank you for your dedication and continued support of our local community business in East Atlanta since 2001, which regularly has served thousands of students weekly through our doors (from toddlers through adults), with many consistent students traveling to our location from all over Georgia (many coming weekly from out of state).  We have created something special over the years.. a vibrant organization that truly represents freedom of expression, energy, entertainment and its own unique brand of Southern urban culture. We are Atlanta’s dance community and as always… here to serve.

Since inception, Dance 411 has provided opportunities for its community of all ages, and has grown into the number one supplier of professional dance talent in the Southeast… particularly the Georgia TV, film and music industries eager for our services.  In addition to providing for our own family’s needs, 411 organizations have provided income generation opportunities for thousands of dancers, with many now having full-time professional careers in the field of dance entertainment all over the world. We have to press on with our purpose… our continued existence is mandatory in our changing world.

We are asking our professional contacts, members, patrons, and families for your continued understanding and support… particularly with financial requests.  We know many of our families are struggling to make ends meet, and productions employing many are on-hold. As we mentioned in our previous communication, your continued financial support is desperately needed so that we may keep from hemorrhaging our small business account… which is critical to our very soon-to-launch virtual public classes and private lessons, online community events, at-home learning programs for our youth and adult members, and the reopening of on-site services. Many of our families have even asked us for credits for future services and NOT to process any refunds for them, in support of us as a small business.  How our community comes together for each other is inspiring. 

Again, please lookout for more detailed information coming to you today tailored to your specific needs or membership program services with us.  We love and appreciate you all.

Edward Schneider

CEO Dance 411

CFO, 411 South Talent

PS:  If you love the arts, agree with our purpose, value what we do and want to help our efforts… now is that time.  Many of you have asked how to contribute.  Anything, even as low as a $10 donation, will help us tremendously.  Please share this message and consider making a contribution vital for our organization here:

CashApp:  $dance411

Venmo:  #dance411

Web donation:  http://dance411.rocks

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