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Bring as many as 2 friends all week to any class… FOR FREE!

Bring A Friend for Free Week


Sept 22-29th is all about FRIENDS!

Bring as many as 2 friends all week to take any class… FOR FREE


If those friends register for an ongoing monthly membership by Saturday September 28th, you and your friend will receive 50% credit toward membership.
Must join by Saturday, September 28, 2019 in order to receive discounts/credits.


If your friend registers for a youth progressive program, you and your friend will both recieve a $50 credit towards registration.

Progressive program classes ONLY…
No registration needed, just show up to class!

Adult Membership Options

Club Membership ($119): Membership includes only Dimensions & Fitness classes.

VIP Club Membership ($159.20): Ladies Lib, Dimensions, Fitness, All Series, Challenges, Specialty Classes. 20% discount on all rentals, private lessons, parties, masterclasses at the door price, apparel.

Youth Membership Options

Youth Club Drop-In Membership ($119): Take all Youth Hip-Hop and Dance Technique classes in our drop-in youth dance class program! Get discounted access to special events and some specialty classes. Minimum age 13, depending on the class. This membership bills monthly.

Youth Progressive Program: A season-long progressive dance education for your child or teen to master their skills, and perform in our amazing seasonal recitals (Winter and Spring) for family, friends and the community!

Tuition starts at $89/month for 1-hour of class per week. Multi-class and multi-student discounts are available.

This price does not include recital & registration fees. 

**Cannot combine with any specials or offers.

**Youth & Adult Dance classes, Ladies Liberations classes and Progressive classes ONLY.

**Series classes not included.
Invite your friends today!


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