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Ruby WatkisTalent Requests

Bookings Coordintor

Ruby Watkis, the eldest of 3 kids, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York after her parents immigrated to the USA from Honduras, Central America. At 21 years old, she got married before having her daughter, Jaanay, in the year of 2004. Mrs. Watkis had the greatest pleasure of living with her family in Germany for 11 years before re-locating to San Antonio, TX in order to become a Talent Agent for 411 South, and Talent Request & Booking Coordinator for Dance 411. Though hesitant about committing to such a big change, she is glad to have followed her heart and is grateful for the position and ability to work alongside her family.

Ruby is an outgoing, self-motivated and goal-oriented individual… all qualities that have allowed her to provide excellent customer service and team management. Because she is passionate about her job and carries her dynamic attitude with her at all times, she is able to successfully represent talented performers and artists for Dance 411 and 411 South as they work towards their dreams in the entertainment industry. She has strong supervisory, organizational, and time-management skills that help her tremendously in her fast-paced, time-sensitive work environment.

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