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Sindy SchneiderCo-Founder


Sindy Schneider is the co-founder, President and a lead visionary of Dance 411, and a co-founding partner of 411 South Talent… the leading dance & choreography talent placement organization in the South East. Her dedication and passionate personality ensured that she would be successful when she began forming a foundation and community for dancers. What began as the “Dance 411” email newsletter in 2001 as a community resource for dance enthusiasts and entertainment industry professionals in Atlanta, Dance 411 has now become a multi-award winning and nationally celebrated dance organization and educational institution, and 411 South has become one of the top dance talent placement agencies in the country.

Sindy is recognized as the South Eastern States first professional dance talent agent. Having worked so closely with performing arts youth, developing and representing amateur and professional entertainment arts careers, and having navigated the challenges of succeeding in the performing arts first-hand… Sindy has dedicated her professional life towards helping talented individuals realize their artistic career dreams.

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